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Garage Door Repair Plainfield is a garage door repairs and installation company based in Plainfield, Indiana. All of the technicians on our team are highly trained professionals who are mobile. We also offer 24/7 emergency garage door service, so regardless of the time or weather, a technician will be dispatched minutes after you call for help. We service the entire 46168 area. Garage door malfunctions can be very frustrating. Depending on where you go, garage door repairs can be costly and time-consuming. It is never fun when it does not work as intended. Imagine you are on the way to The Lake Renwick Preserve to bird watch and your garage door won't open.

Instead of changing your plans, call us and we will have it opened and give you access to your car in no time. We also offer garage door opener repair. Garage doors and their components are relatively durable, and they usually last a few years before needing service or replacement. If your garage fails to open or close at any time, call us to have a technician sent to you to assess the situation. We will solve your problem in minutes.

Spring Repair Whenever You Need It

Another one of our services is garage door spring repair. The average homeowner opens his or her garage door over 1,000 times each year, and because of the high usage, springs are usually the first part to give out.

Because they are under so much pressure, attempting to repair it yourself using do-it-yourself methods is highly discouraged. This can result in further damage to the garage door, injury, or even loss of life. Our technicians have been trained in this area, so give us a call and allow one of our technicians to take the problem off your hands and get your springs repaired swiftly.

Our emergency Garage Door Repair Service is 24 hours a day, 7 weeks a week, including weekends and holidays. In a rush to get somewhere and your garage door is the only thing standing in your way? Call us to get a technician sent to you and we will have you on your way in a matter of minutes.

Emergency Cable Repair

Our technicians are also trained in garage door cable repair. Sometimes, garage door cables fall off the pulley system, and when this happens your garage door will not open and close smoothly and safely. Also, these cables are susceptible to wear and tear. If you have been using the same cables for over five years, you may need a cable replacement.

Our mobile technicians will drive to your home to fix these problems, and will perform tests to ensure that it is opening and closing properly before leaving. In addition to our residential garage door repair services, we also perform commercial garage door repair. Commercial garage doors need to be working properly at all times. When they malfunction, it can hinder your business or seriously injure someone. Our technicians are available 24/7 and will come to your business to repair the door if it malfunctions.

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